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Your Vote Matters T-Shirt
Your Vote Matters T-Shirt


Your Vote Matters T-Shirt

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This shirt illustrates the words "Your Vote Matters" over an image of a woman of color. It reminds us that voter suppression tactics commonly target women and people of color. Wear it as a symbol of your belief that everyone's vote matters.

For every shirt that you buy, 195essential will donate 50% of the proceeds from the sale to Seed the Vote, an organization dedicated to ending voter suppression. MORE ABOUT THIS PROGRAM

- 100% Cotton
- Printed in the U.S.
- Ethically Sourced Shirts

Art by Sydney Medina
Sydney Medina is a 19-year-old Black artist from Princeton, NJ, who currently resides in New York City. She attends NYU’s Gallatin School of Individual Studies, where she studies Urban Art and Fashion Design. Sydney has always been passionate about the Black Lives Matter, and especially how she can embody the movement into her art. She has been involved in creating art for her communities and has even spent the past year traveling, creating art and fashion in various locations in Europe and South America.