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Endangered Species T-Shirt
Endangered Species T-Shirt
Endangered Species T-Shirt
Endangered Species T-Shirt


Endangered Species T-Shirt

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This colorful earth-conscious shirt features depictions of endangered species from each of the world’s seven continents: Jaguar (South America), White Rhino (Africa), Marbled Polecat (Europe), Emperor Penguin (Antarctica), Tasmanian Devil (Australia), Tiger (Asia), Humpback Whale (North America). It inspires you to act now to protect Earth’s beautiful creatures from extinction. 

Fifty percent of the proceeds from your purchase will go to the Rainforest Trust to purchase and protect threatened rainforests and save endangered wildlife. Just pick an animal to help when you buy a shirt!

- 100% Organic Cotton
- Printed and Manufactured in the U.S.
- Eco-friendly and Ethically Sourced

ART BY Chloe Rubenstein
Chloe Rubenstein is a Boston-based artist. She is best known for her murals and her work can be found on walls across the country. Rubenstein has been labeled as a “Local Creative Who Inspires” by the Boston Voyager and has also been written up in Boston Eater, Graffito-SP, Washington Post, and the Washington City Paper. Rubenstein is also Revival Cafe and Kitchen’s go-to artist and has painted murals in all four of their current shops.