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End Voter Suppression T-Shirt
End Voter Suppression T-Shirt


End Voter Suppression T-Shirt

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This shirt illustrates a woman of color whose voice is being muzzled. It is a call-to-action to fight voter suppression that all too often targets Women and Communities of Color.

For every shirt that you buy, 195essential will donate 50% of the proceeds from the sale to Seed the Vote, an organization dedicated to ending voter suppression. 

- 100% Cotton
- Printed in the U.S.
- Made with Ethically Sourced Shirts

Art by Michelle Collado

Michelle Collado is a Dominican Multidisciplinary Artist born and raised in Lawrence MA. Growing up in Lawrence and raised by immigrant parents, she's realized that people of her everyday life is what inspires her. Her artwork focuses on the themes and ideas of BIPOC representation, social issues, social justice, and internal and societal experiences. Using people as her subjects, she focuses on the subjects' relationships with themselves, others, and the external spaces in which they may have encountered. Whether it's Photography, Film production, painting, or illustration, she attempts to capture an essence of experiences or feelings in which her audience can familiarize themselves with.