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Quotes from a Grocery Store Worker

This is one of the few jobs I've thoroughly loved doing. But the number of confirmed cases at my store keeps growing, so now when I go to work I'm just thinking "what if the next case is me? What if I bring it home and get my parents sick, my family sick?" While I'm fortunate enough to be able to cut down my hours to reduce the risk for myself, a lot of my coworkers have no choice but to keep working full time. They are heroes - and it's nice that grocery store workers are finally getting recognition - but what would be nicer is fair compensation. At these minimum wage jobs, you could be working 40 hours...

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195essential Collaborates with Nutré Meal Plans to Help Feed Nurses!

195essential is donating one meal to go to a nurse for every 195essential t-shirt purchased at We are collaborating with Nutré Meal Plans, the largest healthy meal kit delivery organization in Massachusetts, which will provide the meals to nurses at seven different hospitals throughout the state. 195essential has already pledged $1,000 to provide meals to nurses in Massachusetts.195essential is also working with Nutré to include ‘Essential Nurse’ t-shirts in their meal kit deliveries, along with plans for co-branded apparel as well. Additionally, 195essential is extending the opportunity to nominate a nurse in his or her life on the frontlines of the COVID-19 battle to receive a complimentary Essential Nurse t-shirt by nominating them at or direct messaging @195essential on Instagram.About Nutré Meal Plans In...

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Quotes from a Special Education Liason

“This is a particularly difficult time for students with disabilities, their families, and their teachers. Right now we’re trying to figure out what we’re doing for the summer. Many students in special education receive specialized services in the summer so that they do not experience regression. These services could range from anything more academic/instructional based, or like physical and occupational therapy. The physical therapy in particular involves a lot of body movement, and require the use of gym spaces and equipment. It’s really hard not having access to these things, yet I’m so impressed everyday by what our physical therapists and specialists have been doing. They’ve really been pushing the boundaries of their creativity to work around the online medium....

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Quotes from an Administrative Assistant on the Frontline

“We work in a job where we have to help patients, but the hardest part of the job isn’t the patients, it’s meeting their expectations. In a perfect world, everyone gets their appointments, and everything will be fine. But if we have to cancel it or reschedule it based on what the doctor says, that’s out of our control. If it really were necessary and dire, then the doctor would have made arrangements for the child to come in. We’re just human, and we can’t fix everyone immediately”.“Our number one rule is that ‘your safety is our concern’. There have been lots of patients who are very desperate for an in-person visit, but we don’t want to expose them to...

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Quotes from a Veterinarian on the Frontline

"In our clinic, we’re following human health professionals in discontinuing non-emergent surgeries to preserve PPE, so that our demand doesn’t take from human health care professionals during this time. We’ve also closed our lobby from clients (pet owners), and only allow patients (pets) in our hospital, which come with its own challenges.""All our new protocols were enacted in such a short amount of time, it was hard to enforce at first. Understandably, clients were really confused and annoyed they couldn't be with their pets. I'd say our biggest challenge has been maintaining communication and transparency between us and the clients, while minimizing direct contact. Can you imagine bringing your dog to the vet for care, but never meeting the veterinarian?""Although...

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