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Quotes from a Veterinarian on the Frontline

"In our clinic, we’re following human health professionals in discontinuing non-emergent surgeries to preserve PPE, so that our demand doesn’t take from human health care professionals during this time. We’ve also closed our lobby from clients (pet owners), and only allow patients (pets) in our hospital, which come with its own challenges."

"All our new protocols were enacted in such a short amount of time, it was hard to enforce at first. Understandably, clients were really confused and annoyed they couldn't be with their pets. I'd say our biggest challenge has been maintaining communication and transparency between us and the clients, while minimizing direct contact. Can you imagine bringing your dog to the vet for care, but never meeting the veterinarian?"

"Although I can't specify or go into details, I've seen animal abuse, broken bones, and animals I love grow old. Those impact me the most, but those cases also affirm that I can do my part to help them. One of the hardest parts of the job is euthanasia. With the COVID-19 pandemic we aren't allowing clients into the building, so that means clients are encouraged to say their goodbyes at home before bringing them in to us... even in human health, families can't be with their loved ones when they pass. That must honestly be the toughest part of all this."