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Quotes from a Special Education Liason

This is a particularly difficult time for students with disabilities, their families, and their teachers. Right now we’re trying to figure out what we’re doing for the summer. Many students in special education receive specialized services in the summer so that they do not experience regression. These services could range from anything more academic/instructional based, or like physical and occupational therapy. The physical therapy in particular involves a lot of body movement, and require the use of gym spaces and equipment. It’s really hard not having access to these things, yet I’m so impressed everyday by what our physical therapists and specialists have been doing. They’ve really been pushing the boundaries of their creativity to work around the online medium. It’s upsetting that children at such critical stages of development must go through this, but we’re figuring it out and we’re determined to keep these children on track as much as possible”

“Essential to me means absolutely necessary. I think we have a lot of things that we think we need, but this pandemic has shifted us and allowed us to reexamine what we really do need and what is actually important. What I hope to continue is our shifted perspective in how we value people. I feel like in some ways, we’re a little bit upside down in this country in terms of who’s important, and what’s important. We’ve progressed so far along as a society that in many ways, have allowed us to almost ignore the things that have gotten us this far. For example, the people who take care of our trash, who provide us our groceries, who care for us when we are sick—all of those workers who are so necessary, yet don’t usually get the recognition that show the value of the work that they do. That’s one piece that I hope we really reexamine, and helps us reevaluate what we really value and where we put our money. How can we better take care of the people who take care of us every single day?”

“My hope is that, If there are some positives that come out of this, is that we all appreciate each other even more—that we appreciate that energy of being together in our schools. We’ve always had a sharp focus on equity and how the public schools work to be that equalizer. I also hope that on the national level, some level of recognition of these inequities will be seen and addressed in a bigger way. I am hopeful that we can prepare down the road by recognizing some of these holes now. Whether it’s access to healthcare, access to the internet, or whatever it is that allows us to have more of these pieces that are available for our children, I hope we can be ready to go if another situation like this occurs in the future”