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Quotes from a Grocery Store Worker

This is one of the few jobs I've thoroughly loved doing. But the number of confirmed cases at my store keeps growing, so now when I go to work I'm just thinking "what if the next case is me? What if I bring it home and get my parents sick, my family sick?" While I'm fortunate enough to be able to cut down my hours to reduce the risk for myself, a lot of my coworkers have no choice but to keep working full time. They are heroes - and it's nice that grocery store workers are finally getting recognition - but what would be nicer is fair compensation. At these minimum wage jobs, you could be working 40 hours a week, constantly at risk, but still be making less than some people who are able to stay safe at home and collect unemployment. How is that fair? Instead of just praising them as heroes, I feel like we should be doing something more that really helps them in return. Heroes deserve proper treatment, so why can’t we give them that?