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Quotes from an Administrative Assistant on the Frontline

“We work in a job where we have to help patients, but the hardest part of the job isn’t the patients, it’s meeting their expectations. In a perfect world, everyone gets their appointments, and everything will be fine. But if we have to cancel it or reschedule it based on what the doctor says, that’s out of our control. If it really were necessary and dire, then the doctor would have made arrangements for the child to come in. We’re just human, and we can’t fix everyone immediately”.

“Our number one rule is that ‘your safety is our concern’. There have been lots of patients who are very desperate for an in-person visit, but we don’t want to expose them to a hospital staff who may or may not be carriers of the virus. You can be asymptomatic for the virus, and the last thing we want is for a patient to come in leave worst than they were when they first came in. We sympathize with the people who call in, we just hope that they can sympathize with us when we say we really cannot do certain things”.