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Essential Teacher T-shirt Helps Students Transition to College

195essential is teaming up with Brookline-based Steps to Success to dedicate half of the proceeds of its ‘Essential Teacher’ t-shirt sales to the organization known for promoting equity for students from low-income families by expanding their horizons, building upon their skills, and supporting their educational journey in order to maximize their life choices.

One of the many Steps to Success initiatives is to provide much-needed support to students making the transition to college, and ensuring they have the tools necessary for a complete and successful college career from onset through graduation. Part of this initiative is to mail care packages with key supplies necessary to support their college success via its Essential Learning Package fund. With COVID causing the closure of college campuses this past spring, combined with the uncertainly of re-openings and students coming back to campus in the fall, Steps to Success’ mostly first-generation students are facing a new series of pressures and expenses.

“These Essential Learning Packages include everything from school supplies such as pens, notepads, and headphones to personal care items such as hand sanitizer, face masks, facial tissues and Vitamin C to snacks for late-night studying,” said Shoma Haque, Executive Director for Steps to Success. “Now due to COVID-19 and campus closures, our mostly first-generation students are facing even more barriers to college completion. We are so thankful that 195essential is bringing some attention, awareness, and fundraising efforts to these issues.”

“I’ve worked closely with Steps to Success for several years. I understand the challenges they face on an ongoing basis as they tirelessly strive to ensure the children that go through their program have the necessary skills and tools to thrive under the set of circumstances that all too often get in the way,” said Jason Harris, Co-founder of 195essential. “The college experience can be a stressful one, even without the complications from COVID, so helping Steps to Success generate additional funds to help fill their Essential Learning Package fund with much-needed supplies for when colleges do reopen is the least we can do.”

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